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Not Your Typical Painting Contractor in Covington, WA

Drywall Today Inc is a painting company that has an impressive experience of more than forty years. It is more than experience that has made us into one of the leading painting contractors in Covington, WA. To find out what it is, you should continue reading this article.

Custom House Painting

Painting ServiceWe offer this service because it gives you the option to personalize your house without breaking the bank. With this service, you can create visual aids which can become an interesting topic during your dinner conversations. But to make it into a successful focal point, we have to do an excellent painting project. We need to do this in dry weather so that it will dry perfectly. As an experienced interior painter, doing this job on a rainy day will cause ugly paint blisters. We would need to prep the area by sanding or scraping it to make sure it is smooth. We also need to make sure there are no greasy spots. But if there are, we would have to wash them because the paint would not adhere to dirty areas. We would also need to remove asbestos. This was a popular building material from the 1950s till the 1990s. Recent studies show that it can cause a non-cancerous lung disease. To make sure your house will have a toxic free environment, we would also do chemical paint stripping and lead paint abatement. The preparation for our paint job might seem too much. But this is the reason why homeowners in the areas of Maple Valley WA;Auburn WA;Kent WA;Black Diamond WA;Edgewood WA rely on us as their painters.

Exterior Paint Job

As an expert exterior painter, we understand that we need to consider the weather when doing this paint job. We would be wasting your time if we do it during the rainy season because paint does not stick to the wet area. So we consider your requirements and provide you with a nicely looking paint job for your facade. You can rely on us for a timely and long-lasting result.

Drywall Today Inc is more than your typical painting specialists. So if you want to freshen the look of your home, you should immediately call us at (206) 865-5729.

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